Gissa filmen del 1

-I'm H2O-intolerant

- Ooh, you guys made me ink...

- A boat...hey i've seen a boat! It went past here not long went this way, this way! Follow me!
- Whats your problem mister?! The oceans not big enough for you? huh, huh? Stop following me okay!
- But you were showing me in which direction the boat went!
- A boat..hey I've seen a boat...

- Escapé! 
-Thats funny, it spells just like the word escape...
(knock knock)
- Hello?
- Sorry you have to come back later, we're trying to escape!

-Jellyman - offspring, offspring - jellyman!
-Jellies! Sweet!
-Oh my god! We have to help him!
-Relax jellyman! Lets see what Squirt does flying solo...
-Hey dad! Did you see what I did? Did you see what I did!
-That was soo awesome Squirt! Give me some fin...and a knock...sweet!

Postat av: Louise

Jag gissar på Finding Nemo! ESCAPE!!!!

2007-04-20 @ 11:09:16
Postat av: Erika

Å du har rätt som vanligt! Grattis!

2007-04-26 @ 17:03:28

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